Sound File


I've resisted the urge to put up sound files for a number of reasons. First, you're hearing not only the amp, but the player, the guitar, the speakers, the mic, the recording chain, the mix, and your playback speakers (to name just a few things). To me, selecting an amp by hearing a recording of someone else playing it is a bit like buying a car after watching a videotape of someone else driving it. You need to hear how an amp responds to your hands, your style, your guitars.

This clip will go a long way toward explaining why it's best for me to be building amps instead of playing guitar for a living. I played a Grosh Electrotone guitar with P-90 pickups straight into the Scan-O-Plex head with a Whirlwind cable. The cabinet was a standard Cage 2x12 open-back cabinet loaded with WeberVST C12AC speakers. The cabinet was miked with a Shure SM-57 at about a 45-degree angle. I didn't fiddle with it much; I just stuck it in front of the cabinet. Recording was done via a Tascam board onto DAT. Right channel is straight; left channel is delayed just a bit for some spread, and I added a little stereo reverb (Yamaha SPX-90) to the entire mix.

Sample 1 - Grosh Electrotone, Bridge P-90 pickup. SOP Normal volume 12:00, Bright volume 1:00, Bass 9:00, Mid 11:00, Treble 1:00, Presence 11:30

So, is this helpful at all? Please take a second and drop me a note to let me know if this is useful, or what you would suggest to make it better for you. (Be sure to remove the "X" from the address before sending.) Thanks!