Thanks for seeking out my website. I've enjoyed building, repairing, refreshing and tuning guitar amps for over forty years. These amplifiers are a result of these many years of experience and experimentation in my quest for tone. Take some time to browse the site to learn more about my products and services, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

A. F. (Pete) Cage, Owner


I also perform repairs, restorations, tuning, re-voicing, and non-intrusive mods on vintage, all-tube musical instrument amplifiers of all types, as well as custom design and construction. All work is done to the same high standards that I apply to my own designs. If you want to restore that tired old amp to its original glory or create something new, please contact me for more details.

Here are answers to some frequently-asked questions about my repair services. If you have questions that I haven't addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact me. I apologize for the amount of text. Hopefully the headings will help you find the info you need quickly!

Repair work is by appointment.
My typical shop hours are:
10 AM to 4 PM

All repair appointment scheduling is done via e-mail. I prefer to schedule appointments in advance, though I can sometimes accommodate emergencies.


WHAT I REPAIR: I work on vintage and classic all-tube guitar and bass amplifiers, typically built before 1985 or so (though there are a few exceptions.)

I DO service vintage amps made by:
Ampeg (and variants such as Noble and Giulietti, etc.)

I also service modern, non-PCB (eyelet, turret, p2p) boutique amps and the following new-production Fender models:
Pro Jr.
Blues Jr.
Blues/Hot Rod Deluxe/DeVille.
"Reissue" models (Princeton, Deluxe, Twin, etc.

I DO NOT service:
Solid-state or hybrid (tube and solid-state together) amps. (e.g.: Roland Jazz Chorus, Vox Essex/Viscount, Music Man)
Channel-switching Marshall JCM-800s (2205, 2210 and their combo equivalents)
Marshall JCM 2000/DSL/TSL
Marshall JCM 900-series amps
Most modern PCB-constructed new-production amps (see exceptions above)
Effects pedals or rack gear
Any Mesa/Boogie gear
Any Carvin gear
Any Peavey gear
Any Rivera gear
"Projector" conversions
Stereo or Hi-Fi equipment, or juke boxes

I am not able to recone speakers, though I do send work to two shops that do an excellent job with recones when needed as a part of a regular repair.

MY REPAIR PHILOSOPHY: Every amp leaves the shop in tour-ready condition. I find that this kind of comprehensive approach provides the highest reliability and the best-sounding amp. For amps that have been stored, neglected, abused, or poorly modified, this often involves a considerable amount of work. I prefer to open up the amp while youíre here to assess its initial condition and to determine what work needs to be done along with an estimate of cost and timing. There is no charge for an assessment and an estimate, even if you choose to not leave the amp for repair. If I discover other work that needs to be done during the repair, I will contact you before proceeding so that I can get your approval.

I donít generally perform while-you-wait repairs, though there are occasional exceptions. I do my best work when I can stay focused.

I also will not compromise on safety. This includes having a 3-wire AC line cord on every amp that leaves the shop, with proper fusing in place. Also for safety reasons, only those above the age of 12 may be in the shop.

I will return any and all removed/changed/defective parts and tubes when the amp is picked up.

I prefer not to install any mods that require drilling, cutting, or any permanent modification to a classic amp chassis. Reversible changes and mods, including re-voicing and parts upgrades are fine. I generally prefer a 'tread lightly' approach that preserves the basic integrity of an amp's original design. I'm not a fan of trying to turn an amp into something that it's not. For instance, if someone asks, "How can I make my Bassman sound like a Marshall?" I generally recommend selling it to someone who wants a Bassman and then buying a Marshall.

For reasons of time and liability, I am not able to provide diagnosis or technical advice for do-it-yourself repairs.

TRAVEL AND DIRECTIONS: When we set up an appointment, I'll send you some detailed driving directions. I have found from experience that Mapquest or GPS wonít reliably get you to the shop door. Please give me a call when you're about to hit the road. It's a rarity, but occasionally something might come up unexpectedly for either of us, so it's good to check in just to confirm. If you find that you will be delayed or need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as you can.

RATES AND PAYMENT METHODS: My bench charge is $85, which covers the first hour of labor, plus incidentals. Labor is billed at $75/hr in half-hour increments thereafter, plus parts. There is no charge for an assessment and an estimate, even if you elect to not leave the amp for repair. Payment is due when the work is picked up; I accept cash or personal checks, and can also accept major credit cards (with a 3% surcharge.)

Along with the repair, youíll get an itemized invoice showing the work which has been completed, a list of all parts used, and voltage/bias/power measurements taken during final bench testing of the amp.

Items left longer than 90 days after notification of completed repairs may be considered abandoned and will be disposed of unless prior arrangements have been made.

Because I take a comprehensive approach to repair and setup, I stand behind my work with confidence. I offer a 90-day guarantee on amp work, and a 30-day warranty on any tubes that I provide and install.

My goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your amp. If for any reason you're not happy with something, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this, and thanks again for your interest in my services.

* NOTE: Fender, Marshall, Vox, Ampeg, and other brands/names listed are registered trademarks owned by their respective corporations. I am not affiliated with any of these companies, and list their names only for reference purposes.