Scan-O-Plex Design

The original Scan-O-Plex was simply my interpretation of the classic 50-watt early "plexi" head. It was a great success with producers, engineers, and pro musicians playing large stages who could take advantage of a 50-watt amp running in its 'sweet spot.' Club musicians loved it, too, but most of them couldn't really use the amp; it was too loud for small venues. After a while, I started playing around with reduced-power versions of the Scan-O-Plex. I found that the power reduction part was easy, but it was difficult to retain the same glorious plexi tone at lower power levels. It took over two years and plenty of field testing before I had a lower-powered design that captured all of the glassy crunch of the original.
As on the original Scan-O-Plex, I pre-bridged the channels with a single input. This connects the input to both channels at once, allowing a wider range of tone and gain. Single channel operation is possible by simply turning the unwanted channel's volume control to zero.

I think the Scan-O-Plex sounds best through a closed-back, 4x12" cabinet at 16 ohms. (The amp has 8- and 4-ohm settings, as well.) Since 4x12 cabs have been done to death, I don't offer one of my own. (They're no fun to ship, either.) If a big cabinet would be overkill for your application, I do offer both open- and closed-back 2x12" cabinets that work well on smaller stages.

In short, the Scan-O-Plex offers the professional guitarist classic British crunch at reduced volume levels in a rugged, roadworthy package.